Monday, June 16, 2008

Dakini, Reinvented

Baubles, bangles and beads are hauntingly beautiful, swaying in the wind, mythologized by jazz greats. So are sweltering summer days and sweet summer nights and vacations to such paradisios as San Jose and Mallorca.

After an intensely emotional 3 weeks of loss and remembrance, came this weekend with new experiences and sacred blessings.

I made love to my lover and companion this weekend for the very first time. Strange?

Each experience no less beautiful, no less passionate; this experience, however, was humbling, connected and new all at once. Travel with me....

His face is beautiful. Simply divine. The messages of his eyes and his lips anoint my soul with loving anticipation. He is slender, but this night his body is unusually formed, full and broad in my eyes. His glance is intense and his arms are shelter.

Sitting in the parlor we exchange coy glances filled with the knowing familiar to lovers old and new. My soul is ready, but restless. The touch of his hand in mine quiets my anxiety. His touch is devoid of harm.

No words are exchanged that hint at the journey we will embark upon soon. He takes my hands and leads me onto the stairway to heaven: ascending toward our sacred boudoir where our experience will take place.

I worship him, God, towering before me... bare, beautiful bright beige skin. Green eyes glowing with the power of the sea. Kneeling before him, he is Pygmalion, I Galatea... He molds me out of the blessed dust of passion and into the aether of love.

Candlelight glows eerily in the sacredness of our private temple. Our eyes meet. Our lips meet. Supine, I receive him, first tense and apprehensive, but yielding to the burrowing of his very self into the core of my feminine being. My mind is gone away now and only the shell of me is left. My doubts subside, the selfishness of my heart withers away.

The release of my barriers signal to him that the time has come to place me firmly on the throne of the Goddess, facing him, her divine consort. I find that our passion has the power to incarnadine, as the mystical green sea of his eyes are made red in the flickering glow of our temple.

He is Sango, god of lightning and thunder, wielding his lightning bolt with power and command, protecting and honoring the sacred temple gates. As I straddle the firmness of his beautiful, god-body, absorbing the electricity generated by his blessed lightning rod and the power of his roaring thunder, Goddess emerges. As my passion floods in, the song of my voice summons Osun, surrendering to those sensations, familiar and exciting... shedding my earthly self with finality... embodying all that is lovely, and new, and sacred.

His lightning strikes again and yet again, followed by the rolling thunder of his power, illuminating my soul and making the glow of my cocoa brown skin merge with the glow of the candles in our temple, now half burned. Each strike empowering, each roll forcing my very surrender, the experience healing, for the love of a God can only heal the soul of his Goddess.

Tickled and nearly spent, teetering on the verge of sanity, I submit completely, and Sango recognizes the call of my heart and my sanctus sanctorum. I, deserving, am placed supine upon the altar of Sango, reserved for only the most blessed and only for the most sacred of blessings.

Sango solidifies my reign by crowning my loins with the fire of his breath and the touch of his moist, firm lips. He worships me through the torrential rains invoked by the storm of his lightning rod, the roll of his thunder bolt. He crowns me mate and companion, lover and friend, pledging his forever love as he kneels before his own altar upon which I lay before him... his gift, bare, receiving.

My soul can wait no longer. I explode, shattering into one million shards of golden bliss. Osun travels. Osun soars over distant rainbows, out into the universe, clothed only with the sun-clad sky. My body is hot, drenched with the rains of love.

His ceremony continues uninterrupted by my screams of passion. Oblivious, what energy remains is kindled into roaring fire and in less than a few moments burns to explosion yet again.

We are warm. Each part of my body is satiated, spent. He absorbs my energy which increases his fire, empowering him to dance this sacred dance again, very, very soon.

Drained, I turn onto my side and he lays behind me, penetrating my precious, sacred temple in silent meditation. I am far away, but present at once. I am the earth, my knees mountains, my breasts hills. A river flows out of me and away into the sea. And he is the sun, rising between and over the mountains, bathing the hills in light, and finally setting behind the deep ocean of my crown.

We are one.

We are the happening.

New ears for new music and new eyes for the most distant things.

Possibilities are now probable. I, black magick woman, am found by my divine man.

None of this possible had it not been for the first, blessed, beautiful touch. Right there on the steps of that dark venue, darker even with night. In the cold of approaching winter, An exchange of heat signals the beginning of divine union.

If I had never touched you the
first time

I'd have never felt your magic
moving me

Never learned more about the
mystical sea of love

Never learned more about myself

Never regained my feminine mystery

Never opened my heart's eye

Never felt the magic of your
loving arms


I'd have never learned my truth

Never healed under the light of
your sacred touch

Never seen the sounds of precious

Never touched the center of
my love or called your name

Your name is my champagne wish and
my caviar dream

Wishes and dreams have never
filled me with so much hope


If I had never touched you the
first time

I could never have given you the
very soul of myself

This is an affirmation of love

This is my secret part

I am giving it to you

Thank you for letting me touch you

For making possible all those
things that would have never
chanced themselves

Because without your touch I could
have never loved you

and I love you

and I love you

That blessed touch
found our love

These words, old, just today made new. Bless you Daka Man, Love Warrior, Yoni Master. Your divine touch has made me whole.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Examining the Self - A Special Event

The Female Psyche and Its Four Main Archetypes

Societal living brings with it hard problems of adjustment. In our day-to-day relating with one another, the adjustments that we make sometimes cause us to mask or fragment our true selves with ready made personas. In doing so, we find that we lock ourselves into stereotyped categories that later become difficult to destroy.

Women must understand the full, unique dimensions of their inner selves - the selves that are hidden behind these contrived personas. In their daily lives, situations call for different personalities or archetypes to meet specific challenges.

In "Four Archetypes" women (and the men who love them) will learn information that will help them to identify their dominant archetypal personas, and then learn how to release the inhibitions that normally make it difficult to flow through the personal states of mother, lover, virgin and warrior as needed. The free flow through the archetypes will allow you to become more effective in life's various situations.

Now take a look at yourself. You may have a tendency to get stuck in one personality type and find that you can't flow into another when the time calls to do so. You feel that you want to break out of stereotypical modes and embrace your fullest self. Being able to express the proper sub-personality in the moment is the freeing of the female self. When you truly understand the different dimensions of self you start the important work of unleashing the Goddess within.

Rise Goddess! We challenge you to attend this important event to examine your self and become a more effective mother, friend, warrior and lover. We invite you to bring your truest self to the table and flow within a circle of loving discovery.

The Four Female Archetypes
Hosted By AfroTantra and Mind, Booty and Soul

Saturday March 22, 2008
6:00 PM

Kaos Network (in Leimert Park Village)
3335 W. 43rd Place
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 296-5717

$10 at the door (sorry, advance registration is not available)

Friday, February 15, 2008

AfroTantra Reviews "Butt Naked, Raw and Uncensored"

by Dakini Tina

AfroTantra is revolutionizing the Afrakan community through the healing art of Sacred Black Love. Our goal is to reach each and every Afrakan, one bedroom at a time.

We had such a powerful response to Sadiki Bakari's 'Butt Naked, Raw and Uncensored' that we don't even know where to begin. His book is not only revolutionary, but provocative, insightful, telling and inviting all at once. His political bent is refreshing and informative, and he has woven together his ideas in an understandable, unique and exciting format.

As sacred lovers, we at AfroTantra couldn't help but take great interest in the parts of his book that dealt with love and relationship. Who said that the revolution couldn't be sexy too? Bakari has brought a fresh and empowered perspective to Sacred Black Love by highlighting chakra consciousness and tender love while respecting the Black woman's inner goddess. The reintroduction of the Black man as her protector was equally brilliant and timely. His poetic viewpoint is a refreshing alternative to hip-hop's denigrating view of women and relationship.

AfroTantra gives Bakari's 'Butt Naked, Raw and Uncensored' most enthusiastic kudos and encourages the community to go out and purchase this wonderful book, if not for increased political and economic awareness, then for its unafraid look at respectful and connected love between the Black man and woman.

The Dakini Ponders Tantric Desire

"The one who fills your heart. The one whose arms enfold you with love. The pharaoh who enters into his sacred moon temple with power and ecstasy. The temple whose gates are the path to the stars and the vessel awaiting to invite the mystical soul child into existence. This is the beauty of sacred loving and the silent language of desire."

In order to be successful at something, we must desire it continuously, and be willing to act to fulfill that desire every day. Imagine your own path to success. Behind the drive toward your goal, isn't there an insatiable desire fueling you to overcome your obstacles?

An essential ingredient in the practice of tantra, or divine weaving, is desire.

In fact desire and action are the magic formula that assist us in attaining any goal.

So what about our relationships?

When we cultivate the desire to become continuously focused on a successful, divine union, we are cultivating a loving, healing kind of desire called "devotion."

The word devotion might evoke fears within ourselves that we had hoped would remain buried in the uncomfortable silence between us when we act out of pure lust without intention. We fear losing ourselves in devotion to the other person or we fear instigating unspoken vows to develop a kind of longevity with another person for which we feel we are not ready.

With tantric devotion nothing could be farther from the truth.

In our practice of tantric lovemaking, we need only be devoted to the integrity of our sacred space. Devotion to the cause of bliss and union, and devotion to honoring the sacredness of ourselves and the self of our partner is paramount to the success and the discovery of divine joy. This devotion is the continuous flow of desire toward a blissful existence.

No matter what the nature of your relationship with your partner may be - be it casual, serious, committed, or something else - remaining within your own sacred space and honoring your devotion to your personal bliss within that space is the first concept that one must cultivate in the silent depths of ourselves.

It is our devotion to the peace of tantra that will enable us to enter our sacred space and sustain our practice of the sacred love arts for as long as it takes until we attain divine experience. And divine experience is the path to mastery and thus divine, sacred union.

Lovers, we are soul mating. We are calling into existence mates for our souls. Are we ready for our tantric weaving? Leaving you with these words:

"Love is like a vast ocean. Hold your breath and fall in."

I journey to the shore and I am watching the waves trickle around my feet. My toes haven't adjusted yet to the cool waters of the sea. The sun beats down on my naked skin. I am kissed by the universe while clad by sky. Idealistic, romantic me is filled with the power of ecstasy. The waves approach me and tickle my toes again. They even engulf my feet and wash my ankles, massaging and enticing my achille's heel. Sandyfooted and chilly, I tiptoe into love's healing waters. Farther and deeper, my eyes can only fixate on the nearly invisible line of the horizon, where blue touches blue and the separation between them is imperceptible. Now the grand scheme is made clear.

Thank you, Divine Partner, for desiring bliss enough to bathe me in the ocean of love and thus aiding in my quest to find my own sacred self through the experience of bliss.

Sweetest Dreams,
Dakini Tina

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Daka and The Dakini Speak On Male Ejaculation Control

The Dakini says:

A man's ability to control his orgasm is a wonderful and powerful thing.

Although I had known tantric lovemaking practices for many, many years, it wasn't until my recent past that I had seen it put into practice. A former lover of mine had been diagnosed with kidney stones and his doctor had instructed him to have sexual intercourse without ejaculating for 12 weeks. You read that correctly, three months! In this way he would build up his male essence and heal the imbalanced organs.

It was a relief for me to have known about tantra at that time. I was uniquely able to help him to heal his body while experiencing pleasure myself.

There were some wonderful benefits to our practice of male ejaculation control. First, his body became so much stronger. Second, multi-orgasmic me was able to relax into sex and the orgasms went from mind blowing to earth shattering. Thirdly, my periods became less painful!?! And fourth, an additional avenue of communication was opened as a result of my femininity creeping in and balancing his masculinity.

So how does one master the art of Male Ejaculation Control? Skill and practice! And AfroTantra(tm) has developed an instructional podcast just for the sacred Black bedroom. Filled with loving anecdotes and easy to follow instructions for the male lover, this podcast is sure to open the door to new pleasure realms within the space of Sacred Black Love.

AfroTantra 101: Male Ejaculation Control is ready for you, so visit today to purchase this and other exciting tantric broadcasts.

Are you ready for a passion-filled year? Make this your best - and HOTTEST - year ever!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Dakini says 'Love' in 2008

Dakini says 'Love' in 2008

History reinvents itself once again in four years, and where do we stand in life and love? I must admit that love is my main concern. This consciousness shift is especially significant to Black culture, being that this is a time when the alleged 300-year Willie Lynch curse draws to its predicted close. Black on Black love is nearing its pinnacle, and we lovers are at the helm.

*AfroTantra* found its beginnings when the experience of love flooded in and joined two seekers on the path to Divine Union. AfroTantra is the culmination of nearly 25 years of study and practice of the art of Sacred Black Love.

She is a tantric adept who practices the art of sensual dance and studies all aspects of women's health, sexuality and spirituality. She also writes and educates about these topics from a womanist perspective while giving honor to the man and his role in the divinity of life.

He is a master at the art of sexual kung fu and long time wellness educator whose focus has been Sacred Black Love, self-empowerment and men's health. His teaching style is both funny and loving, and his command of the subject is outstanding.

Love is Love

There is no thing on earth that compares to him. He is champagne wish and caviar dream in beautiful black package, lovingly delivered by the divine. Phenomenal and awestriking. She was long overdue for sheer passion and universe delivered him happily, as the culmination of many years of hard labor in love. Love is easy with Sacred Black Love.

She is wondrous fair. Hard edges fall away under his touch. Frightening but amazing all the while. He's known no 'she' like this 'she', who is so brilliant, yet so sexy. She is his goddess and his gift, granted by the divine, and he accepts with abandon. Sacred Black Love is the energy that fills his heart with stillness amid the chaos of life, and she is the manifestation.

Had they never touched one another that very first time, they would have never learned the magic of the mystical sea of love, and thus, never learned new things about themselves. The eyes of their hearts would never have opened, mysterious treasures never reclaimed. The very thought of loving opened a sacred truth, and that truth was the light of the sacred touch that found their love. This is love power. The power of Sacred Black Love.

AfroTantra reclaims the power of that love by exploring the Afrakan origins of the sacred love arts, and by reintroducing the sacred dance for the modern lover.

Sexuality Revisited and Redefined

AfroTantra encourages open and honest communication between partners, and introduces, again and for the very first time, the art of selfless giving and receiving of love. In the absence of shame, guilt and judgment, respect and growth occur in the sanctity of the intimate relationship. AfroTantra adds vision and dimension to the experiences of Black loving and Black sexuality. Removing and eradicating the extremes of 'freakish' and 'frigid' while addressing the horrors of sexual violence, AfroTantra creates a space where sacred sexuality and sacred loving can manifest not only in the bedroom but in all aspects of everyday life.

Experiencing Divine Union through Sacred Black Love

Black lovers are filling their lives with pleasure, love and joy every day with Sacred Black Love. Imagine love at its pinnacle and colors brighter than ever before. Imagine tender eye-gazes while making love by candlelight, and in the stillness singing songs of passion, finding new notes to love's melodious tone. Imagine making love in utter darkness, not knowing where one ends and the other begins: in the sacred darkness finding absolute union and becoming one.

Love is the story, constantly unfolding and evolving. AfroTantra is the universe's new lesson, telling the old story of rebirth. The reinvention of our history is upon us. Where will we stand as the changes in our culture unfold? As fear falls away, only love can remain. 2008 prepares us for a fresh start. Are we, lovers, ready? Making this year and every year abundant in love begins with us. Make this our best year ever. You have the power. The power of Sacred Black Love.